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JohnTe Partners is the marketing arm for Allergy Care Centers. First to market a new allergy test and treatment program.



  • 60 million Americans have some type of Allergy
  • 40% of Children- 30% of Adults have Allergies
  • 90% of Asthma is Triggered by Allergies
  • 8% of Children are affected by Food Allergies
  • Allergies lead to about 2 million misses school days each year.
  • Most Patients Only Test Symptoms ( treatments are scary for children and time consuming for adults)
  • Americans spent $18 Billion in 2015 on Antihistamines, Decongestants, Inhalers, Steroids in the form of Pills, Eye Drops, and Nasal Sprays
  • Dreaded Trips to the Emergency Room from various activities, such as an Asthma attack during basketball in spring, soccer in summer, or football in fall



Kid brushing teeth

Nobody likes shot! Weekly trips to receive costly immunotherapy shots take time. Therefore, only 16% of patients finish their treatment plan. Now a patient can brush away their allergies with our doctor prescribe toothpaste.


This test is fast, simple and safe ( not traumatic for children). A unique next generation blood test that detects 180 airborne, environmental and food allergies


Clinical Laboratory Solution For Medication Reconciliation MedRx is a laboratory developed fingerstick blood test that provides objective data for medication reconciliation on a specialized mass spectrometry platform. With a few drops of blood on the FDA approved mircrosampling device, you can take out the expensive and risky guesswork of reconciling medications with your patients.

Our Lab Report Will Show the following:

​​​​​​​​​​​Comprehensive Test Menu: The current Med Rec panel test covers 22 Drug Classes which include 272 Prescription Drug Assays, plus 30 illicit drugs, and most common OTC’s.
Actual Quantitative Results: Know exactly how much of the tested drug metabolite is in your patient, not just what is present.
Half-life Information: Every report has a dedicated area showing the specific half-life of each unique drug metabolite tested.
Drug-Drug Interaction (DDI) Report: You will know what drugs have Minor, Major, and/or Serious Interactions with what was reported and not reported with references.

Disclaimer: MedRx medication reconciliation test utilizes the Mitra Collection device (Patent No’s 20180161018, 20170128934, 20170071520)  


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Becoming a partner is easy and you can notice the benefits from your very first referral. Working with us means that your clients will get accurate results and when combined with allergy treatment (toothpaste) your business could reap bigger rewards too.

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We are offering you and opportunity to build a business in the Health Care Industry. If you are looking for a job, then this is not for you. We will be working hand in hand to build your business in your local area.  Their is no competition, you will be offering our Allergy Test and Treatment program to Doctors and Hospitals in your local area. 

Also you will be introducing MedRx Medication Reconciliation. Take a look at both websites to learn more. An opportunity like this does not come around very offend. 

Allergy Care Centers operate nationwide via Telemedicine. You can grow as large as you can dream. I like to hear from you.

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